Air-Rite Services specializes in all sorts of ventilation and fabrication applications. In particular, we work with exhaust systems, ventilation grease, fume problems, painting applications, moisture solutions, hazardous materials, steam, bathrooms, utility rooms and anything else you can conceive of. We also offer custom metal fabrication services, including custom ventilation systems, and stainless steel fabrication.

The benefits of good ventilation and exhausting systems are myriad. A properly designed exhaust system will provide the space with the correct removal of contaminated air, ensuring a healthy environment. Along with the removal of bad air, fresh air must be exchanged back in. The pure air is referred to as make-up air, and the installation of the correct make up air system will save you energy and money.  After Air-Rite has planned, engineered, and installed your custom exhaust and make up air solution, our full service metal fabrication shop will build the necessary components for your new top quality system.


The Air-Rite Service exhaust and metal fabrication division regularly manufactures all of the following:

  • Type 1 grease hoods required for grease laden air (Commercial Kitchen)
  • Type 2 warm air hoods required for non-greasy air removal
  • Residential cook top hood installation
  • Bath room and locker room exhaust systems
  • Paint booth fume exhaust systems
  • Dryer venting
  • Parking garage ventilation
  • Make up air systems
  • All other custom ventilation as needed


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